Note: the follow Rules of Conduct are copyrighted © 2000 by Master Alex Keppeler of Household Keppeler.  Permission is granted for the personal use of members of D/s community by whom these Rules of Conduct may be used as is, edited as needed or used as a model.  These Rules of Conduct may not be published in any form without the written permission of Master Alex.



For slave ______
In Service to Master Alex
and an Apprentice in Household Keppeler

Issued and Amended as of __________

These Rules of Conduct are issued by Master Alex for slave ______ in conjunction with his Contract as an Apprentice in Household Keppeler.  The Rules of Conduct amplify and give substance to the points contained in the Contract.  Within the spirit of the Contract these Rules of Conduct may be altered at any time in writing by Master Alex.

  1. Obedience and Submission -- as an Apprentice in Household Keppeler slave will work on the virtue of Obedience:
  2. Honesty -- slave will be completely honest with Master Alex, hiding nothing and making no excuses, answering all questions he is asked:
  3. Collars -- Master Alex, as signs of his ownership of slave, has provided slave with a chain collar and a black leather collar:
  4. Shaving Body Hair -- at slave's contract signing Master Alex shaved slave's cock and balls as a sign of Master Alex's ownership and protection over slave:
  5. Additional Body Signs of Service -- as signs to help him focus on Master rather than as adornment, slave will wear the following at all times except when showering if the item is leather:
  6. Sexual Play and Cumming -- slave is to submit his sexual response and play to the total control of Master, and slave's cumming, when allowed, is to be recognized as a gift of Master.  In observing this rule slave will learn to focus on Master for slave's sexual gratification, and slave will learn that slave's primary interest must be in gratifying Master, not in gratifying himself:
  7. Computer Usage -- computers have opened wonderful opportunities of instant communication, but they also become traps for spending huge amounts of time, for intruding into the life and work of other users, and for losing sight of the boundary between fantasy and reality:
  8. Written Reports -- slave is fully accountable to Master Alex and to the Household for his time, actions, words and thoughts:
  9. Budget and Financial Reporting -- slave is responsible for his own sound financial status, paying all his bills, getting out of debt and developing a habit of regular savings:

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