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Making of __________
A slave to Master Alex
and an Apprentice
in Household Keppeler


Let the ritual be done in the Household play space.
The slave, naked and uncollared, kneels before the Master.


In the Name of Household Keppeler, let us begin.
__________, why have you come here?


Master, I desire to make a Contract of Voluntary Servitude.


For several months I, Master Alex Keppeler, have hosted you as a visitor in our Household.  During this time I have offered you protection and guidance, while observing your behavior and your potential.  You, in turn, have served as a Visitor in our Household and you have pleased me and the Household well.

So too in this time, I have grown in my desire to possess you, to own you, to have you as my slave.  With the advice and consent of the Household Council a Contract as Apprentice in Household Keppeler is now offered to you.

I offer now to protect you, to give you guidance and direction, to use you, body, mind and soul, for my enjoyment and service, to discipline you when needed and always to cherish you as a choice possession.

Do you, __________, accept me as your Master, offering your Obedience to my rules, orders and directions?


I do.


Now, slave, turn over to me any tokens you may have retained of prior Masters.

slave gives any and all tokens of former Masters into Master Alex's hand

__________, if you have any words of your own that you now wish to speak, then speak freely.

slave speaks freely as he may desire.


__________, I now accept you and claim you as my slave, in service as an Apprentice in Household Keppeler.  slave, join me in signing this Contract as a bond of your Obedience.

Master and slave each sign the Contract. Master then collars the slave.

I place this collar on your neck as a sign of my ownership and domination of you.  May you always humbly wear my collar in token of the service to which you have this day committed yourself; may you prosper as a slave and an Apprentice in Household Keppeler.

Master shaves slave's cock and balls.

I shave you as a sign of my protection of you as an Apprentice in Household Keppeler.  From this time forth may your cock and balls always be bare in obedience to me and in token of the service to which you have this day commited yourself.

Now, slave, our Ritual of Membership is ended.  Welcome to the status and responsibility of Apprentice in Household Keppeler.  Come, slave __________, and seal your new position by worshiping your Master and receiving his joy and blessing.

slave pleasures Master at length until Master takes slave in a conjugal embrace.

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