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The other members of Household Keppeler may joke about it, but of course I am the Real and True Master of the Household.  After all, I am a cat, and, as we all know, cats are tops and dogs are bottoms.  Or, as they say, dogs have owners, but cats have staff.

I moved into residence on December 1, 1999.  I came in the humble guise of a pet rescued from the Human(e) Society shelter where I had long been the "office cat;" a 16 month old, orange tabby male, with a reputation for a raucus voice and for hating female cats.  But I had other plans.  I laid low for a few days, keeping to myself and adjusting to my new domain, while I carefully assessed the situation.  Then, when the time was right and I had sufficiently evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the humans in the Household, I sprang into action.

The submissive boys in the Household were easy picking for a natural born dominant such as myself.  Even Bear, also known as slave John, although very dominant, is helpless before my superior intellect.  Now Master Alex took a little more work, but while he and I still eye each other warily, as two doms so often do, in truth, he is as much my slave as are all the others.

When I am hungry, my loud cry causes food to be set before me.  When I want to be serviced, I merely flop down on the carpet, stretch out and yowl until one or more of my slaves appear to rub my belly or scratch my ears.  At night I carefully select which of my slaves will receive the favor of my sharing his bed, even moving from bed to bed thru the night as the mood strikes me.

From my favorite perch on a shelf in the back hallway I monitor all the comings and goings of the Household, even when I appear to be asleep.  And, unfailingly I comment on it all with my extensive vocabulary of cries, for I am a very vocal beast.

People talk about "a dog's life," but they don't have a clue about my life as a misogynist dominant feline in a Household of gay male slaves.

For more information about how cats control their people, why not take a look at the Fun with Felines site and check out the Cat's guide to humans.

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