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boy john was called to serve the Great Master on April 2, 2001.
His death leaves a huge hole in Household Keppeler.
The content of his page remains as he last updated it.

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Doulos & Bondslave
Songs to my Master
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Dominant submissive

Bio & Personal Info

I have been "into leather" for about fourteen years now.  I have had a great many experiences with some of the finest people I have ever been privileged to know through involvement in the leather community.  I was raised in central Ohio and have a teaching degree in Secondary Education.  I work presently in my fifth year as an Administrative Assistant for a major national nonprofit.  I have worked with several glbt organizations in graphic design work as well as organizational roles.

One of the most important learning aspects that came with obtaining my teaching degree was learning the extent that all of us go to control our own destinies and what effect that has on our lives and the people we end up sharing our life with.  I have often remarked that I teach much more now than I ever could the time that I spent in a classroom.  It has been remarked in my place of business that it is as if my personal life acts as a occupation of its own, and to a very large extent that is true.

In a way, I've always been a voluntary "servant" of people I have known in one aspect or another.  I found that there was a specific feeling of empowerment in the ability to not only please, but to positively influence the decisions of others that I have served with my intelligence and other gifts I have been given.  In the d/s lifestyle, the development of one's own interior discipline to make good choices, conforming to the wishes of one's dominant, is paramount.

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Doulos & Bondslave

The Hellenistic concept of the bondslave, or doulos, has been instrumental in defining my personal and public spirituality with my life in leather.  In the doulos tradition, a slave who had served a master and a household well was granted freedom.  The slave chose to return to that slavery of his own volition, but with an elevated status in the eyes of the community.  A special ceremony was performed where the master of the household put a nail through the returning slave's ear into the doorpost of the house.  A gold ring was placed within the slave's ear, denoting the special status of a beloved, worthy and valuable property.  This volitional role of the doulos has not only provided cause and guidance in defining and refining my d/s life, but in my ongoing relationship with the Divine.

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Song to my Master

I have composed two song cycles on leather spirituality (entitled Songs to my Master, Volume I: Shadowlands & Volume II: Outlander) which I have self-published.  I had originally planned a third volume and wish to finish the cycle sometime soon.  I think that part of my planning a third volume was joyfully interrupted by the culmination of over a decade's worth of fantasies come true in the life I now lead.  I have premiered songs from the first two collections at the UFMCC worship service at the International Mr. Leather Contest Weekend in Chicago, Illinois, in May 1997.  The (copyrighted) full texts to both are available through the links above or below, and through self-printed texts available from me.  Interested seekers should take the cycles as a reflection of my own journey into the world of leather, reconciling the forces that pushed and pulled me throughout my first ten years as a leatherman.  I have also used my graphics skills in designing the logo for Masters And slaves Together.

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Personal Interests

My personal interests include studying spiritualities, reading, singing, playing piano, composing, and counseling those interested in the life we lead and through my own past experiences in leather.  I have mentored others for seven years, and recently completed ownership of one year of my own boy.

Normally, I am the "middle management" personage, the butler/majordomo/trainer, in accountability to Master and in charge of other aspects and members of the Household, as directed by Master.  And like Dolly Levi in Thornton Wilder's "The Matchmaker," I take great pride in "arranging things."  I learned that an essential part of me operates best when I am both a mentor and a trainer, for a mentor is a more experienced person who may, sexually or not depending upon the arrangement, positively affect your character.  A trainer prepares you to serve another.  And I take great joy in both roles.

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Dominant Submissive

I am many times asked how my role of dominant with my boy for a year could be reconciled with my time of service with my present Master.  Within the communal structure of Household Keppeler, there is a distinct hierarchy that was adhered to during the time I had my boy that more than allowed for the presence of a boy in my life.  I learned very quickly that I was both completely prepared and uncompletely prepared by my years of experience as a submissive for the prospect of ownership.  In some ways, during the year that I had my boy, I was more harsh a taskmaster than I had ever served under.  I found I expected of him the degree of perfection that I demand of myself.  But in other ways, I found that the balance between serving and being served is very precarious indeed.  It took a great deal of time to establish a sense of balance within myself and the Household in my new role.  And when a year had past, circumstances in my boy's life dictated that he follow another path.  And so for now, I'm more than content to go back to my mentoring and leather community work, as well as that of the Household, although I'm leaving the possibility of taking another boy open for now.

For many years I wandered about, unsure of both my self-worth and place in the world.  I can say that the past year has been more centered than those before.  As my song "When You Are Home" says,

Hear without listening, see without sight
Search toward the center to me
Touch without feeling, know without thought
You will be safe in my arms...
...when you are home

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Songs to My Master I: Shadowlands
Songs to My Master II: Outlander


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