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In July, 2000, the Household Council of Household Keppeler determined that a companion was needed for Master Riven to keep him from becoming a fat, lazy, old tom cat.  On July 31, 2000, as a 12 week old kitten, I was adopted from the Human(e) Society to fill that role.

I am a graceful, affectionate, tortise shell tabby.  My Abyssinian ancestry gives me a lean, lanky body with very long legs and a very, very long tail.  I will admit that I arrived with ears so big my face looked like that of a bat, but my head has now grown into my ear size very nicely, thank you.  In fact, I would now say that my bright, alert, yellow eyes with black centers make me look more like a wise old owl.

My prior owner had named me for Princess Diana and while of course I am every inch a princess, truth be told I really take after Diana, Goddess of the Hunt.  I know no fear as I spend my waking hours alertly watching the neighborhood cats, squirrels and birds from a window perch or tracking down, pouncing on and killing the various stuffed rodents and other toys my people provide for my entertainment.

I rarely forget that my assigned task in Household Keppeler is to keep Master Riven young and trim.  While he is still stronger than I, I boldly pounce on him, especially when he lets his guard down.  Then we vie for something akin to a WWF Championship.  Using the whole house as our ring, we wrestle furiously and chase each other hither and yon, upstairs and down.

To the human men of Household Keppeler I am clearly the Mistress and the seductive beast.  I love to ooze myself around my male slaves until they scratch and rub me into a frenzy of sensual twisting and turning.  All the while I purr loudly to encourage them.  When at last my passions are sated, I curl up on them to relax and sleep.

Yes, life is good as Mistress of Household Keppeler.  What more could a lady, a princess, a Godess of my stature want?

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