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I am the head of Household Keppeler, a group of leathermen living in a communal life.  My task is to have the vision of our lifestyle, to provide guidance and direction to the life of each of us, to provide stability to our Household, and to represent our Household to our wider leather family and to the whole leather and BDSM community.

I am a gentle man, treating the members of my Household with courtesy and respect, while still expecting and receiving obedience and submission.  I do not expect to have to break a boy, but rather to bring out and to perfect the commitment to service that already resides within him.

I am a 62 years old Gemini, retired from work as a Systems Analyst and Sr. Benefits Consultant in the Retirement Plans Department of a major U.S. corporation in south central Michigan.  I am 6 foot 1 inches tall and weigh 240 pounds, with blue eyes and short, graying beard and hair.  My left ear is pierced, as well as several other parts of my body, and I have seven tattoos.

I have two great kids from a prior traditional marriage.  My son finished his BS degree in biochemistry with highest honors in 2000 at the University of Michigan and his MBA from Babson College in 2006.  He is employed by a bio-tech consulting firm in Cambridge, Mass.  My daughter completed a BS degree with highest honors with a dual major in psychology and sociology in 2003 from a small Midwestern liberal art college and an MS in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University in 2006.  I also have the loving support of my extended natural family here in Michigan and in the South.

I love to relax with a beer or a tumbler of bourbon and with a decent cigar.  I can often be found hanging with my boys at the Detroit Eagle or the CellBlock in Chicago.  And I am often seen at the Chicago Hellfire Club, where I and boy kevin are and slave john was associate members.  I am also an associate member of ICON Detroit and Trident Windy City.

My boys and I are the Directors of Masters And slaves Together, Incorporated (MAsT).  I am the President and National Executive Director.  slave john was Assistant Director.  boy kevin has been promoted to Assistant Director, Secretary and Treasurer.  We are joined by a third Director who is not a member of the Household.  When we are able to make the several hundred mile journey, we are active in the MAsT: Chicago Chapter.  The Household has also been privileged to design and publish the MAsT websites for MAsT National and most of the MAsT Chapters.  I wrote the HTML code while slave john, who was a professional graphics designer, developed the MAsT logo and slave kevin prepared the logo and many of the other graphics for the sites.

My favorite activity outside the life of our Household is square dancing.  I am a member of the Cadillac Squares of Detroit, a member club of the IAGSDC (International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs).  Thru square dancing I have met many great people from all over the U.S and Canada, especially as I travel to dance weekends in Chicago, Toronto, Cleveland and Grand Rapids.

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