What is an Oblate?

What does an Oblate do?

What does an Oblate receive in return?

So what then must I do to become an Oblate?

If you feel that the relationship of Oblate to Household Keppeler may be right for you at this time, then please send us email, including your snail-mail address, telling Household Keppeler that you would like to be considered for Oblate status, petitioning for an Oblate application.  After you have received your application for Oblate status in Household Keppeler by return snail-mail, please return it by the time indicated on the application.

The application should provide Household Keppeler with a brief descriptive and biographical statement about yourself and about your interest and experience in the leather and Dominant/submissive life, a statement about your spiritual life and/or spiritual journey, and what things you may have done, are doing or could be doing to benefit the leather community.  Also included will be a statement of some special service you could provide to Household Keppeler to further the Household core values of "Obedience * Submission * Stability."  A picture, if available, would also be appreciated for use in our webpage's Oblate Gallery, if give permission, and/or a special area in our home.

Household Keppeler will review your application and, if you and your goals seem to fit well with Household goals and vision, we will send you official notice of welcome as an Oblate, encouraging you to schedule a visit to our Household to receive your Certificate of Oblation, or, if a personal visit is not feasible, we will send you your Certificate.  Prospective Oblates should understand that acceptance of their candidacy is determined by Master Alex, as Head of Household, with the advice of the Household Council of Full Members.

It should also be noted that submissives currently in service to a Dominant will not be considered as Oblates without the prior candidacy and acceptance of their Dominant as an Oblate of the Household.  This directive is important as to respect a given Dominant's full knowledge and direction of the activities of his/her submissives in service.

It should also be noted that there is no financial obligation in regard to candidacy or membership as an Oblate of Household Keppeler with the exception that we would gladly accept a donation, as you are able, to cover food expenses should you visit for more than one meal in our home.

Household Keppeler is waiting for you.
Will you join our vision?

Send us e-mail,
including your snail-mail address,
to request an application.


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