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- Visitor -

I.  I engage to be a Visitor in Household Keppeler until such time as this status may be terminated by myself or the Household or an Apprentice Contract is accepted.  I understand that I remain a guest in the Household during this period and will conduct myself accordingly.

II.  I promise to give honor, obedience and deference at all times to Master Alex as Head of Household.  I also recognize the established order of the Household, giving the same honor, obedience and deference to sir John as Household Trainer and holding myself lower than all Doms, boys and slaves in service to the Household.

III.  I will remain loyal to the Household, neither engaging in gossip concerning the Household nor discussing the affairs of the Household with others outside the Household.

IV.  I will, while resident within Household Keppeler, surrender my will, spirit and emotions to the command of the Household, withholding no part of myself, but opening myself honestly and completely to the Household.

V.  I offer, while resident within Household Keppeler, my body as an object and vessel, to be used according to the will and desire of the Household at any time and under any circumstances the Household may desire, including such safe, sane and consensual BDSM play as the Household may determine.

VI.  I willingly accept such chores and tasks as may be assigned by the Household, striving to complete them to the best of my ability without grumbling or dissension.  I also commit to assist financially while I am resident, to the best of my ability, to cover my expenses for food and the operation of the Household.

VII.  I commit to directed study to increase my knowledge and understanding of the BDSM life, completing such assignments as may be made, whether resident within the Household or not, on a timely basis.

VIII.  I humbly accept such discipline, not causing physical damage, as may be imposed by the Household for failures to perform my assignments or to abide by this Contract and by such Rules of Conduct as may be imposed by the Household.

IX.  Finally, I will strive to find my true fulfillment and happiness in service to the Household, seeking at all times and in all ways to make the Household proud of me and myself worthy of the Household.

On this date, _________________, the undersigned agree of their own free will to all of the above conditions.

Slave Visitor

Master Alex for Household Keppeler


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