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Covenant of Commitment
And Contract
In Full Membership of
Household Keppeler

By slave/boy _______

Leather households have long been the arenas in which the Dominant/submissive leather lifestyle has been lived. While not all serious leather players gathered in permanent households, nonetheless it was the permanent households of two or more persons, in a multitude of forms and structures, that developed and kept the traditions of the daily Dominant/submissive leather lifestyle.

Household Keppeler is such a leather household. Household Keppeler continues the old leather traditions and virtues while it has developed its own distinctive flavor as a loving, gay male leather family, living a communal life illumined by the 1500 year old tradition of the Rule of St. Benedict

Having been found worthy by Master and the Household Council to be accepted into Full Membership in Household Keppeler, I, slave/boy _______ now enter in a Covenant of Commitment and Contract to Household Keppeler and to its foundational principals of Obedience, Submission and Stability.


Obedience, the first virtue in the motto of Household Keppeler, is surely the foundational virtue of the Dominant/submissive lifestyle. Whether as a Dominant or as a submissive, the serious leatherman is called to be obedient to the traditions, code of honor and protocols of the leather tribe. Each is also called to be obedient to his own particular calling in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle: Dominants to lead and direct, submissives to follow and obey.

Therefore, I commit myself to Obedience.


Submission, the second of the virtues in the motto of Household Keppeler, is a significant step beyond obedience in the Dominant/submissive leather lifestyle. Whether as a Dominant or as a submissive, the serious leatherman is called to submit himself to his superiors, seeking to know and do the will of the Master before and without being ordered. Submission is serving humbly before service is asked or ordered, expecting no reward except that Master is pleased. Submission is seeking to know the will of Master and the Household Council and acting on that will. Submission is the conforming of one's own will to the will of Master and the Household Council. Submission is going the extra mile, doing more than is asked, with a willing and cheerful heart.

Therefore I commit myself to Submission.


Stability, the third of the virtues in the motto of Household Keppeler, is perhaps unique to our Household. By it we mean that the committed Household member, whether as a Dominant or as a submissive, seeks to live his life, hopefully for the remainder of his day, within the loving structure of the Household, finding here in his satisfaction and the fulfillment of his needs. Such Stability requires conversion of life, that daily committing of one's self to being changed by the communal life of Household Keppeler.

Therefore, I commit myself to Stability.


In recognition of this Covenant of Commitment, and fully cognizant of the rights and the responsibilities that come with it as a Full Member of Household Keppeler, I voluntarily enter into this Contract, binding myself to Master and to Household Keppeler, and to the virtues of Obedience, Submission and Stability, for a period of one year, in the expectation of renewing this Covenant of Commitment and Contract annually for the remainder of my life.

_____________________________________________________ Date_____________
________________________________, slave/boy

_____________________________________________________ Date _____________
Master Alex Keppeler, for Household Keppeler


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