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of Voluntary Servitude

- Apprentice -

Between Master Alex E Keppeler
and slave _______

In the name of Household Keppeler, this Contract of Voluntary Servitude is extended by Master Alex Keppeler, hereafter called 'Master', and accepted by _______, hereafter called 'slave'.  Having spent time with Master and the Household as a Visitor, slave is offered and accepts this Contract to be owned by Master and serve as an APPRENTICE in Household Keppeler for a period of six months.  During such time slave, while working on the virtue of Obedience, will be an affiliated member of Household Keppeler with the title of 'slave'.

This Contract of Voluntary Servitude becomes effective when signed by both Master and slave.  It expires six months from that date, but Master, with the advice and consent of the Full Members of the Household, may terminate this Contract at any time it is determined that such a termination would be in the best interest of Master, the Household or slave.  slave may petition Master for termination of this Contract, but granting such petition remains the prerogative of Master and the Household.

Master and slave, supported by the Household, agree to be bound together in a contractual arrangement of Voluntary Servitude.  During the life of this Contract the following provisions are made and accepted:

Master will provide direction and oversight to slave by direct order, instruction, and admonition and by formal, written Rules of Conduct.  Master may use the services of others, especially other members of Household Keppeler, to provide for the regular and consistent training of slave.  slave will offer Obedience to Master by performance of orders, acceptance of instructions and admonitions, and by compliance with his Rules of Conduct, and slave will accept and offer Obedience to his assigned trainers as to Master himself.

Master will monitor slave's compliance, progress and growth.  slave will be accountable to Master and to the Household for all his thoughts, words and actions.  slave will report to Master at least weekly, informing Master of his compliance with all orders, instructions, admonitions and Rules.  Master will review all such reports from slave and judge the degree of compliance and the seriousness of failures to comply.  Master will administer just punishment when needed and slave will accept such punishment willingly.

Master commits to use slave as a sign and validation of slave's value and worth, but may withhold such use as a punishment when appropriate.  slave agrees to offer his service and his body to the emotional, physical and sexual gratification of Master whenever and however Master determines.  Equally, slave agrees to offer his services and his body to the other members of the Household as Master may direct.  slave commits to offer up to Master all control over slave's sex play and orgasms except as may be provided in his Rules of Conduct.  Master, slave and the members of the Household commit to protect one another from disease and physical harm in such encounters.

slave will wear the leather collar provided by Master, or such other collars as Master may provide or direct, in him home, in the Household or in appropriate gay and leather space, as slave's Rules of Conduct may require

Master will direct slave in matters of dress both within the Household, where nudity is generally expected, and in public space.  Master, with the advice and consent of the Full Members of the Household, will devise from time to time distinctive clothing, with the Household Keppeler logo and motto, for special events.  As directed, slave will provide such clothing for himself.

Household Keppeler seeks to discover and develop spiritual values from our life in leather.  Master and the Household regularly participate in religious services and other spiritual exercises.  slave will be expected to participate together with Master and the Household in such spiritual quest.

Master and slave, together with other members of the Household, will engage in SM work as both an experience in training and as a reward for slave's good behavior.  Master will seek to aid slave in expanding his limits while satisfying slave's need to experience the true pleasure of pain.  slave will offer up his pain to gratify Master, expanding slave's capability to move thru pain into the mysteries of submissive headspace.  All such encounters shall be conducted under the generally accepted tenants of "Safe, Sane and Consensual".

Master, slave and the Household commit to respect one another.  Master will not belittle or demean slave, although some acts of public play and/or humiliation may be required.  slave will treat Master and all other members of the Household with the commonly accepted protocols of deference.  All will seek to make the others look good, to build up the image of Household Keppeler and to enhance each other's position and acceptance in the Leather Community.

Master and slave agree to do no harm to this contractual arrangement.  While Master will continue to pursue other slaves for his own growth, fulfillment and pleasure, and for the development of Household Keppeler, Master nonetheless commits to provide for the growth and development of slave with the intent to do no harm to slave physically, emotionally or spiritually.  slave commits to strive continually for such personal growth and development and to foster the growth, development and Stability of Household Keppeler.  slave further commits neither to offer his services to another Master nor to enter into any negotiations for the same.

Following the expiration of this Contract, or near it's end, and with the advice and consent of the Full Members of the Household, Master may offer a contract as a Novice in the Household.  However at that time Master or slave is each also free to terminate the Master/slave relationship and to pursue other options without shame or recrimination to either party.  Should the relationship be terminated at that time by either party, both parties agree to protect the status and reputation of the other and of Household Keppeler within the leather community.

This Contract shall become effective immediately upon being signed by both the Master and slave.  Each party will receive and retain a copy of this Contract upon execution.


(signed)_____________________________________ Date ______________
Alex Keppeler, Master


(signed)_____________________________________ Date ______________
_______________, slave


While reserving copyright, Household Keppeler provides this sample contract for study and private use by members the Leather Community. Please give credit to Household Keppeler when using this material publicly or in any other form.

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